Customer Operations Results

Providing innovative solutions to help our customers do more with less, is at the heart of our business. 

It's on the customer-side of our business that we believe we can have teh biggest impact in contributing to lowering the environmental impact within dairy farming. Our efforts to help our customers become more sustainable focus on the following

  • Milk quality and safety
  • Conditions for labour and management
  • Animal care/welfare. 

Improvements in the above areas lead to improvements in farm profitability as well as reductions in the amount of resources and emissions required for every kilogram of milk that is produced.

Products and services
Several of our products have resulted in significant energy savings on farms, improved animal welfare and improved profitability. We are very proud of these improvements and we continue to develop new innovations.

In 2018 we launched and were recognised for:

In previous years, we have been recognised for innovations like:

  • DeLaval body condition scoring BCS
  • OceanBlu™
  • DeLaval teat spray robot TSR
  • EasyStride™
  • DeLaval online cell counter OCC
  • DeLaval Feedtech™ Carbogel
  • DeLaval Cleaning Analysis