Environmental Performance Results

In recent years, we have increased the amount of measurement and tracking of our CO2 emmissions as well as our energy, water and waste consumption.

Below are the results and progress we have made in a selection of areas. Many of our local units set their own targets.

  • Internal audits of our product development projects revealed that we can become even better at defining sustainability requirements and to verify that they are met. We have now made changes in our development process to improve this area.
  • In 2015, 778 suppliers were asked to declare if the articles and products they provide contain any restricted substances. We received answers for 86% of all the articles.  
  • All of our 18 factories and seven distribution centres are measuring their use of energy and water as well as the amount and type of waste they generate. The units set their own targets and work individually and continuously to improve performance.  In 2017, we revised and updated our environmental baseline for all manufacturing and distribution centres. 

  • Nine of our manufacturing units are certified in accordance with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and seven are certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).