Young Farmers Survey

In 2017 DeLaval and CEJA (The European Council of Young Farmers), carried out an EU-wide survey among young farmers to discover their opinion on sustainability.

The results show that a fair income level is the most important factor for young farmers when it comes to economic sustainability. When it comes to environmental protection, the farmers said they most needed measures that were practical to implement on the ground. They also saw that education and training opportunities were vital for leading a vibrant and sustainable lifestyle in a rural community.

The survey also showed that young farmers believe in sustainable farming as way of protecting the environment. They take responsibility in running sustainable operations and are willing to carry out environmental measures on their farms.  

On top of that, they believe in animal welfare as a means of ensuring economic profitability and sustainability.

Below are a handful of the key findings.

What would you need to develop your farm in an economically sustainable way?

What do you need most to enable you to safeguard the environment through farming practices? Young Farmers Survey - CEJA