Milking solutions

Fascinating fact

Trends in milking technology

How milking technology has developed and why (trends in automation).

The needs that are being met by milking technology today.

Milking solutions available today


Robotic milking 

What is robotic milking?

What are the benefits of robotic milking systems?

In what case is robotic milking a good option?

DeLaval automatic milking rotary AMR

DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS


Classic milking (benefits for the customer; why would you choose this system)

What are classic milking systems?

What are the benefits of convetional milking systems?

In what cases are classic milking systems a good option?


Rotary (TSR here only)






Farm management platforms (DelPro, AlPro etc)


Cooling (reducing risk of bacteria growth)

Milk extraction

Clusters and liners

Automatic milking in a rotary, DeLaval AMR