"I save over 250 euros per cow by being able to quickly detect ketosis."

In order to act quickly, it is crucial to detect diseases and abnormalities as early as possible. Gerd Horsink in Esche, Germany, is someone who understands this very well. Knowing the energy balance of your cows is important for many reasons. Thanks to Herd Navigator™ from DeLaval, he can quickly detect ketosis and save over 250 euros per cow.

Herd Navigator is an automatic analysis system that identifies cows that are in heat, have reproduction issues, mastitis or ketosis. The system gives you clear recommendations on what to do.

“At an early stage, many diseases are difficult to see with the naked eye,” says Gerd Horsink. “Herd Navigator is quick to show me if something is not right. I can see the first signs of ketosis by a rise in the BHB curve. It allows me to quickly change the energy supply in the cow’s feed ration. This is usually enough for me to prevent the disease from breaking out."

“It costs approximately 300 euros to bring a cow back to health when it suffers from ketosis,” says Gerd Horsink. “Changing the energy supply in the feed is only 10% of the cost. That is a huge saving.”  

In addition to ketosis, the system can detect mastitis very accurately, and inform you when it is time to inseminate. The total system increases profitability by up to 250 euros* per cow per year.

Horsink Herd Navigator

* DeLaval HerdCon calculation model