The Farm

Cow comfort: Walking

The quality of floors, in terms of shape, hardness, friction and hygiene is of great importance for the health of cow feet and legs. Large groups that spend a long time in a waiting area, more frequent milking, long feeding time and long walking distances on concrete floors can be contributing factors for excessive wear and overburdening of the hooves.

Cows go to pasture at Hamra Farm

Dinner is served at Hamra Farm. The pastures were in great condition when we let the cows out recently at our farm in Hamra. The cows and crowds enjoyed the day.

Five Point Plan for Control of Digital Dermatitis

The purpose of the Five Point Plan for Control of Digital Dermatitis (DD) is to reduce the prevalence of DD on dairy farms. Implementation of the Plan should reduce the incidence over time. As DD is an infectious disease, with likely many sources of infection on the farm, the reduction in DD will occur over time. Successful outcome should be measured over a longer period of time (12 months). Within a 12-month period, seasonal changes are expected to impact prevalence. Frequent follow up is advised.

Cow Comfort: Animal Signs

 Your cows are continually telling you how well you’re doing in providing them with good health, excellent housing and superb feeding. The Cow Signals concept helps you to pick up this information and use it to improve the welfare, health and production of your cows – in a very practical way. Remember, dairy farming is about cows. (Jan Hulsen, Author of Cow Signals©)

Cow comfort: Advice & tips

Cow brushes have the potential to add value in several ways, writes Eric Metzger, DeLaval Solution Manager, Service and Original Parts.

Cow longevity and fertility

Making the conditions right for fertile cows. If you want to extend the productive lifetime of a cow then it stands to reason that fertility is extremely important. 

The road to automated milking: How the women of Gadiya Na Timba revolutionised dairy farming and improved their quality of life with help of DeLaval

Gadiya Na Timba is a small Village in the state of Gujarat, India. Agriculture is the main occupation for the 35-40 families living there, with dairy farming as a subsidiary. By introducing new milking technologies in regions such as Gadiya Na Timba, DeLaval helped empowering the village’s women to run their own, competitive and sustainable dairy businesses.